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Top 10 Travel Apps for Backpackers

1. xe Currency: Know The Price

It doesn’t matter whether you are paying in Vietnamese Dong, Indian Rupees or Mexican Pesos and need to convert money. Foreign exchange is almost always a vital part if visiting other countries. However, the rapidly changing rates and their confusing exhibition are often hard to interpret in your head. XE Currency lets you check the conversion rate offline (once you have used it online before). So even if you are out exploring and there is no internet connection in reach, you will always know how far your money gets you. An essential travel app for every traveller on a budget.

2. Dropbox: Document Treasure Chest

We have promoted the Drop box application once before and we are doing it again. This is one of the travel apps that are a simple must for travellers who want to keep their important data safe and accessible at all times. Ever forgot to print out a visa or didn’t know where to put the copy of your passport? This free web based service allows up- and downloads of documents hassle free.
3. Translate Professional: The Digital Dictionary
Translate Top 10 Travel Apps for Backpackers45 languages including Bulgarian, Norwegian and Thai can be translated with this free and user-friendly app.
Just make sure you look up all the needed words and sentences in the desired language before you head out, as an internet connection is required to translate. Once translated, everything can be used offline. Although this calls for a little bit of effort and planning, the reward of being understood is worth the trouble. If you don‘t mind spending 2.99US $, the app “Languages” might be a reasonable alternative for you. It is a full-blown offline translator featuring 12 languages including Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

4.  Offline Maps: Interactive GPS

offlinemap 300x300 Top 10 Travel Apps for Backpackers

There are many offline map applications available. This type of map makes use of the GPS-function of your smartphone, which works regardless of whether you are online or not. Just browse the App Store or Android Marketplace to find an application whose interface you like. In case you chose Google maps instead, it is important that you load the required map area before you go offline.
5. Tripadvisor: Rated Guide
Tripadvisor  Top 10 Travel Apps for BackpackersIf you like ratings by fellow travellers to help you chose destinations or sites, this app is for you. Tripadvisor provides you with the best-rated restaurants, attractions and accommodation tips. Although not all the information provided is necessarily completely accurate and objective, the application gives you a good first impression of what is out there. Big advantage: There are reviews in different languages and the content is produced by a high number of contributors.

6. Skype: Sim card replacement

SkypeLarge 300x300 Top 10 Travel Apps for Backpackers

A very famous application that once you are online, gives you the freedom to Video call or text anybody on an internet device such as PC/Mac, Tablet or Phone for free. Even landlines can be reached for a reasonable price. Requirement: The internet connection has to be decent for good call quality or 3G when mobile. It is a very convenient tool to stay in touch with friends and family at home, skipping the discomfort of buying a new sim card.

7. Flashlight: Electric Torch

led light for iphone 4 free Top 10 Travel Apps for BackpackersEver wondered around the jungle at night looking for your bungalow or lost your keys at a beach party? Supposing you carry your smartphone with you and it features a camera flashlight (most do) torch apps are a pretty useful thing to have. There is a bunch of different ones out there, most of them free. I suggest ‘Flashlight’ by Apptures, which is simple and reliable.

8. Evernote: Thought-Catcher

EvernoteIcon 300x300 Top 10 Travel Apps for Backpackers

The greatest ideas often come to you in the most unexpected of situations and creativity is especially likely while traveling. On the road you constantly get new impressions when you encounter other interesting people and exchange emotions and opinions. These may be life-changing ideas and unfortunately it often takes just a moment to forget about such thoughts. Evernote is the most comprehensive application to capture those ideas using text, photos, links, drawings, and much more. You can also access them at any time to make changes or share your thoughts with friends. It is a multifunctional virtual notepad in your pocket that even lets you save and group full-length articles to read at a later time. In case you want to keep travel-diary Evernote will also make you happy. Definitely one of the best travel apps out there.
hostelworld1 Top 10 Travel Apps for Backpackers9. Hostelworld: Accommodation Search
The industry leader for hostel/ bed & breakfast booking has a decent app for inquiries on the road, that make a little planning ahead quite easy. If you arrive at places late or just don’t bother to shop around it will allow straightforward and quick booking while offering a wide selection of places, ratings and location services. Expect a 10% payment upfront and a small service charge (usually $1-2). In return you’ll have a confirmed booking when you arrive. Tipp: Alternatively check out the Couch surfing App if you are up for meeting new people and save money at the same time.

10. Wi-Fi Finder: The Hot-Spotter

Wi Fi Finder Top 10 Travel Apps for Backpackers
This practical app allows you to search for open Wi-Fi networks close to you. That way you can go online any time without having to locate a cafĂ© that offers free Internet or spend a fortune on roaming fees. That is a practical tool if you require information right now when you are out exploring. Especially in many big Asian cities, this app will show you the way to numerous free public hot spots. 
We hope this collection of travel apps helps you to get the most out of your trip. If you have any additions to this list or already experiences with the applications listed above, TELL US ABOUT THEM! In the comment section or on Facebook…


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